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Anti-pollution clauses. These are clauses inserted in a charterparty and generally place responsibility on the shipowner to ensure that he obtains suitable insurance cover or can provide alternative security for compensation he may become liable to pay for pollution, by oil (or similar substances) and for clean-up costs. 

Antedated bill of lading (Fraud and bills of lading.) A modern case may help to introduce the problems that can arise and identify some of the important issues. 

ASBATIME. The code name given to the 1981 derivation of the original New York Produce Exchange form (NYPE) of charterparty. The 1981 version was published by The Association of Shipbrokers and Agents U.S.A. Inc. (ASBA), New York.


About. Many charterparties contain the word "about" when describing something, such as the speed of the vessel or its fuel consumption or the cargo to be loaded.

Arrived ship. For laytime to commence counting against the charterer the vessel must reach the agreed destination and be physically and legally ready to commence cargo operations and the Notice of Readiness must be given correctly by the master. This "triggers off" the commencement of the laytime either immediately when the Notice of Readiness is accepted or after an agreed, fixed period.

Apparent good order and condition. Under the Hague-Visby Rules the corner is required, after receiving the goods into his charge, to issue to the shipper a bill of lading showing, among other things, the "order and condition of the goods". The buyer of goods usually requires those goods in an undamaged state. The receipt given by the carrier is the only initial evidence that the goods are indeed undamaged, when received.

Accomplished bill of lading.The bill of lading is originally a receipt for cargo. To fulfil this purpose it is necessary for only one receipt to be issued by the party to whom the cargo has been entrusted for carriage. 

ANERA. This is the acronym given to an organisation of ship operating and owning companies that operate liner services between Asia and North America.