What should the master of a tanker which has just completing loading do if the ship's cargo figure is less than the shipper's?

MCA Oral Exam Questions

Enter the ship's figures on the face of the bill of lading. 

Some owners require masters to endorse a bill of lading which does not provide space for the ship's figures in the following terms: "Vessel's measurements are stated below and this Bill of Lading only acknowledges the shipment of the weight or quantity given in the vessel's measurements on completion of loading." Where the shipper refuses to accept such an endorsement, write a letter of protest to the shipper, pointing out the discrepancy in the figures and stating that the bill of lading will be signed under protest. Staple a copy of the letter of protest to each negotiable copy of the bill of lading (i. e. all bills in the set of originals).



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