What are the duties of the master of a bulk carrier under the SLU Regulations?

MCA Oral Exam Questions

To be responsible at all times for the safe loading and unloading of the bulk carrier under his command and to comply with the other requirements of Schedule 3 of the SLU Code. 

These are: (1) to provide to the terminal the information set out in the SLU Code, Schedule 3, Part 2; (2) to ensure that, before any bulk cargo is loaded, he has received the required cargo information and, where required, a solid bulk cargo density declaration; (3) if due to unload solid bulk cargo, to give a copy of the form for cargo information to the terminal representative, before the unloading operation begins; (4) to discharge, prior to and during loading or unloading operations, the 15 duties listed in the SLU Code, Schedule 3, Part 3. (Reg. 7)



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