A master has just joined a ship and learns that she is on a voyage charter. What information in the charter party would he probably want to read?

MCA Oral Exam Questions

(1) The loading port or ports; 

(2) the laycan period; (3) the cancelling date; (4) requirements for tendering notice of readiness on arrival, including whether notice of readiness can be tendered when not in berth or in port, etc.; (5) the "turn time" or "notice time" allowed to charterers before laytime commences; (6) the period of laytime agreed, or if no definite period is stated, how laytime is to be determined; (7) the period allowed on demurrage; (8) the cargo to be loaded, including any margin allowed and in whose option (charterers' or owners'?); (8) any special instructions of owners or charterers (e. g. requirements re- cargo temperature, sending messages, etc. ); (9) the discharge port or ports; and (10) whether he is required to issue bills of lading.



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