What action should a UK shipmaster take if a seaman, who appears to be drunk, complains to him about the food at 2100, while the master is watching a video?

MCA Oral Exam Questions

The master should: (1) ensure the safety of ship, personnel and the seaman himself, if necessary; 

(2) find out when the seaman is next on watch (at 2400?);(3) have the seaman sobered up (until sober he's a potential liability to others on board); (4) discipline the seaman when he's sober, if necessary. The complaint may be genuine, but the master has no legal duty to investigate unless there are 3 or more complainants (see Complaints by Crew Members at end of Section E). If he decides to act on the complaint anyway, he should make an Official Log Book entry about it and enter details of any investigation.



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