How should a "lesser" (Paragraph 11) breach of the Merchant Navy Code of Conduct be dealt with?

MCA Oral Exam Questions

(1) By an informal warning administered at an appropriate level lower than that of master (e. g. by a petty officer or a junior officer).

 If the PO or officer is satisfied that no further action is called for, or that the breach, although proved, calls only for an informal warning, he should give such a warning and the matter should be regarded as closed. No formal records should be kept. If the master is informed, the matter should not be recorded in the OLB. (2) Alternatively by a formal warning by the Head of Department (HoD) (e. g. the mate or chief engineer), recorded on a company disciplinary document if desired, but not in the OLB. Where a breach is more serious (but not listed under Para. 9), or is a repetition of a lesser breach, a Head of Department's formal warning should be given and, if required, recorded on a company disciplinary document, but not in the OLB. (3) Alternatively the matter may be referred to the master, in which case it must be recorded in the OLB. The master could give a formal warning or a written reprimand.



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