What are the requirements of the 2012 ARI Regulations for the preservation of evidence following a reportable accident?

MCA Oral Exam Questions

(1) The master, senior surviving officer and ship's owner shall so far as is practicable ensure that all: 

(a) charts; (b) log books; (c) recorded information relating to the period preceding, during and after an accident, howsoever recorded or retained, including information from a voyage data recorder and video recorders; and (d) all documents or other records which might reasonably be considered pertinent to the accident, are kept and that no alteration is made to any recordings or entries in them. (2) They must also ensure that: (a) all information from a voyage data recorder or recording system relating to the circumstances of an accident is saved and preserved, in particular by taking steps, where necessary to prevent such information from being overwritten; and (b) any other equipment which might reasonably be considered pertined to the investigation of the accident is so far as practicable left undisturbed.



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