What information must be included in a muster list?

MCA Oral Exam Questions

(1) The general emergency alarm signal; 

(2) action to be taken by crew and passengers when the emergency alarm signal sounds; (3) how the abandon ship order will be given; (4) other emergency signals and the action to be taken by the crew on hearing them; (5) on Class I, II, II(A) and III ships, the location of passenger muster stations; (6) duties assigned to crew members including: (a) closing of w/t doors, fire doors, valves, scuppers, side-scuttles, portholes and other similar openings; (b) equipping of survival craft and other LSA; (c) preparation and launching of survival craft; (d) general preparation of other LSA; (e) muster of passengers (if any); (f) use of communication equipment; (g) manning of fire parties; (h) any special duties assigned in connection with fire-fighting equipment and installations (e. g. B/A parties); (7) emergency duties assigned to crew members in connection with passengers, including: (a) warning the passengers; (b) seeing that passengers are suitably clad and have donned their lifejackets correctly; (c) assembling the passengers at muster stations; (d) keeping order in passageways and on stairways and generally controlling the movements of passengers; and (e) ensuring that blankets are taken to survival craft; (8) the officer(s) assigned to the maintenance of the LSA and fire appliances; (9) substitutes for key persons when they are disabled (e. g. the master, chief officer and chief engineer).



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