What are "tankers engaged in specific trades "as referred to in the Oil Record Book (Part 2)?

MCA Oral Exam Questions

Crude or product tanker of 40, 000 dwt and above solely engaged in specific trades between: 

(1) ports or terminals within a MARPOL Party State; or (2) ports or terminals of MARPOL Party States where: (a) the voyage is entirely within an Annex I special area; or (b) the voyage is entirely within other limits designated by IMO. These ships are exempted under Annex I reg. 2. 5 from having SBT or COW as long as ballast water reception facilities are provided at their loading ports or terminals and: (1) all ballast water, including clean ballast water, and tank washing residues, is retained on board and transferred to the reception facilities and an entry in the ORB Part II is endorsed by the competent port State Authority; (2) there is agreement between the flag State Administration and the Port State Administrations of the ports or terminals concerning use of an oil tanker delivered on or before 1 June 1982 for a specific trade; (3) the reception facilities are approved by the port State Administrations; and (4) the IOPP Certificate is endorsed to the effect that the oil tanker is solely engaged in a specific trade.



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