Which of the Official Log Book entries required by The Merchant Shipping (Official Log Books) Regulations must be made in the narrative section?

MCA Oral Exam Questions

4: Documents handed over by master; 

8: Sailing short-handed (deck officer); 9: Sailing short-handed (engineer officer); 12: Accidents; 13: Distress incidents; 14: Reasons for not going to assistance; 15: Wages disputes; 16. Discharges of crew; 18: Crew left behind; 20: Property of crew left behind; 26: Complaints about food and water; 27: none; 28: Officer's misconduct; 29: Re-ratings of crew (including promotions); 30: Code of Conduct breaches; 31: Convictions of crew; 32: Prosecution of crew advised; 36: Deceased seaman's property; 37: Death inquiries held; 38: Illnesses and injuries.


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