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Which of the Official Log Book entries required by The Merchant Shipping (Official Log Books) Regulations must be made on dedicated pages?

MCA Oral Exam Questions

7: Departures and arrivals; 

10: Musters, drills and training held; 11: Musters, drills and training not held; 21: Accommodation inspections; 22: Inspections of provisions and water; 24: Pilot hoist tests and inspections; 25: Steering gear drills, checks and tests; 34: Births; 35: Deaths; 43: Load line and draught details; 44: Departure draughts and freeboards (non-passenger ships); 45: Watertight doors (hulls); 46: Watertight doors (bulkheads); 47: Draughts, trim and vertical distances. (Note: Entries 46 and 47 are made in Log 2/82 - Official Log Book (Part II). Entry 47 is made on an Additional Freeboard Sheet. )