What entries should be made in the Official Log Book on taking command of a new UK ship?

MCA Oral Exam Questions

(1) On the front cover, the name of the ship, its port of choice, Official Number and gross and net tonnages (Entry No. 1). 

(2) Also on the front cover, the name and address of the registered owner or manager (Entry No. 2). (3) Also on the front cover, the master's name and certificate number (Entry No. 3). (4) Also on the front cover, the date and place of opening the OLB (Entry No. 5). (5) On the special page for them, the positions of the deck line and load lines assigned. (6) In the narrative section, an entry witnessed by an officer to the effect that the master had assumed command under the authority of the owners or managers. (This entry is not a statutory requirement, but simply good practice. )



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