Which ships are excepted from the requirements of The Merchant Shipping (Load Line) Regulations 1998?

MCA Oral Exam Questions

Ships of war, ships solely engaged in fishing, pleasure vessels, and the following ships under 80 NT engaged solely in the coastal trade, while not carrying cargo: tugs and salvage ships; hopper barges and dredgers; lighthouse authority vessels;

 fishery protection vessels (government and local); Government department fishery or scientific research ships; MoD range safety ships; ships in respect of which Passenger Certificates are in force specifying limits beyond which the ship must not ply, and which operate solely within those limits; ships carrying not more than 12 passengers for sport or pleasure on voyages in the course of which they are at no time more than 3 miles from land nor more than 15 miles from their point of departure unless that is in Category A, B, C or D waters. The passenger ships referred to (i. e. ships for which PCs are in force) are also excepted while carrying cargo in accordance with the terms, if any, of their Passenger Certificates expressly authorising the carriage of cargo.



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