What document is required by SOLAS to supplement a Cargo Ship Safety Certificate?

MCA Oral Exam Questions

A Record of Equipment for the Cargo Ship Safety Certificate (Form C), which lists: 

(1) particulars of the ship including name; distinctive number or letters; minimum number of persons with required qualifications to operate the radio installations; (2) details of LSA including total number of persons for which LSA are provided; lifeboats on port and starboard sides; freefall lifeboats; motor lifeboats; rescue boats; liferafts; lifebuoys; lifejackets; immersion suits; thermal protective aids; radio installations used in LSA; radar transponders; 2- way VHF telephones; bridge navigational watch alarm system (BNWAS) (3) details of radio facilities including primary systems; secondary means of alerting; facilities for reception of maritime safety information; satellite EPIRB; VHF EPIRB; ship's radar transponder; and (4) methods used to ensure availability of radio facilities. 



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