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What are the Principles of Safe Manning in IMO Resolution A. 890(21) as amended by Resolution A. 955(23)?

MCA Oral Exam Questions

(A) The capability to: 

(1) maintain safe navigational, engineering and radio watches in accordance with regulation VIII/2 of the 1978 STCW Convention, as amended, and also maintain general surveillance of the ship; (2) moor and unmoor the ship safely; (3) manage the safety functions of the ship when employed in a stationary or near-stationary mode at sea; (4) perform operations, as appropriate, for the prevention of damage to the environment; (5) maintain the safety arrangements and the cleanliness of all accessible spaces to minimise the risk of fire; (6) provide for medical care on board ship; (7) ensure safe carriage of cargo during transit; (8) inspect and maintain, as appropriate, the structural integrity of the ship; and (9) operate in accordance with the approved Ship's Security Plan. (B) The ability to: (1) operate all watertight closing arrangements and maintain them in effective condition, and also deploy a competent damage control party; (2) operate all on-board fire- fighting and emergency equipment and life-saving appliances, carry out such maintenance of this equipment as is required to be done at sea, and muster and disembark all persons on board; and (3) operate the main propulsion and auxiliary machinery and maintain them in a safe condition to enable the ship to overcome the foreseeable perils of the voyage.