Which survey, audit and inspection items does the MCA not normally delegate to Recognised Organisations?

MCA Oral Exam Questions

1) Stability, LSA, fire safety and navigation items of surveys for Passenger Ship Safety Certificates; 

(2) stability, LSA and fire safety items for (domestic) Passenger Certificates; (3) fire protection, means of escape, fire safety of unattended machinery spaces, accommodation, etc. for Cargo Ship Safety Construction Certificates (but stability items may be delegated depending on the size and type of cargo ship); (4) initial surveys for Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Certificates, IOPP, INLS and gas and chemical tanker fitness Certificates; (5) Safe Manning Documents; (6) High Speed Craft documentation; (7) Certificates of Compliance for Large Charter Yachts; (8) audits for the ISM Code and ISPS Code; and (9) ILO 178 inspections.



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