What are IACS Unified Requirements?

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Adopted resolutions of the IACS Council on technical matters directly connected to or covered by specific Rule requirements and practices of classification societies, e.g anchors and cables, propellers, load lines, and survey and certification. 

Unified Requirements as follows are published on the IACS website: A: Mooring and anchoring: D: Mobile Offshore Drilling Units; E: Electricity; F: Fire Protection; G: Gas Tankers; K: Propellers; L: Subdivision, Stability and Load Line; M: Machinery Installations; N: Navigation; P: Pipes and Pressure Vessels; S: Strength of Ships; W: Materials and Welding; and Z: Survey and Certification. The existence of a UR does not oblige an IACS Member or Associate Member society to issue Rules on a matter covered by a UR if it chooses not to have Rules for the type of ship or marine structure concerned. Requirements are minimum requirements, and each society remains free to set more stringent requirements.



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