What are the main differences between ISM and ISO 9002?

MCA Oral Exam Questions

(1) ISM applies to safety at sea and pollution prevention, whereas ISO 9002 applies to quality assurance of services; 

(2) ISM applies to ship management and shipboard operations, whereas ISO 9002 applies to the contractual relationship between a supplier and his customer; (3) the purpose of ISM is to demonstrate compliance with international and national safety and pollution prevention requirements, whereas the purpose of ISO 9002 is to show compliance with the customer's quality requirements; (4) ISM is implemented through a safety management system, whereas ISO 9002 is implemented through a company quality management system; (5) ISM involves a shore- based audit of the Company and issue of a Document of Compliance, as well as a ship audit and issue of a Safety Management Certificate, whereas ISO 9002 involves a Company audit and a Certificate of Quality System Approval; (6) ISM is mandatory for a Company whereas ISO 9002 is voluntary.



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