What are examples of claims and questions that may be heard and determined by the Admiralty Court?

MCA Oral Exam Questions

(1) A claim relating to possession or ownership of a ship; 

(2) a question arising between co-owners of a ship as to possession, employment or earnings of the ship; (3) a claim in respect of a mortgage on a ship; (4) a claim for damage received by a ship; (5) a claim for damage done by a ship; (6) a claim for loss of life or personal injury due to a defect in a ship or its equipment, or due to the wrongful act or negligence of its owners, charterers, master or crew; (7) a claim for loss of or damage to goods carried; (8) a claim arising from a carriage of goods agreement or charter of a ship; (9) a salvage claim; (10) claims relating to towage or pilotage; (11) a claim in respect of goods or materials supplied to a ship for her operation or maintenance; (12) a claim in respect of construction or repair of a ship, or dock charges; (13) a claim by a master or crew member for wages; (14) a claim by a master, shipper, charterer or agent for disbursements; (15) a claim arising out of general average.



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