A ship operates permanently in a special area, or is a high-speed craft complying with the HSC Code, on scheduled voyages with a turn-round time not exceeding 24 hours. Does she have to meet the MARPOL Annex I regulation 14 equipment requirements?

MCA Oral Exam Questions

Not necessarily. 

The requirements may be waived by the flag State Administration for a ship engaged exclusively on voyages in special areas long as: (1) she is fitted with a holding tank with a volume adequate for retaining all oily bilge water; (2) all oily bilge water is retained on board for discharge to reception facilities; (3) adequate reception facilities are available in a sufficient number of ports and terminals at which the ship calls; (4) the International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificate is endorsed; and (5) the quantity, time, and port of the discharge are recorded in the Oil Record Book Part I. (MARPOL Annex I, reg. 14. 5)



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