The time charterers of a cargo ship at a loading berth inform the master that they are sending 25 office staff to "come for the ride" when shifting to the bunkering berth. What should be checked before agreeing to this?

MCA Oral Exam Questions

 Form E, which supplements the Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Certificate and lists the total number of persons for which LSA is provided.

If the total number of persons on board will exceed the stated number, there will be insufficient lifejackets, etc. in event of abandonment. If this will be the case the master should advise the owners or managers to ask the MCA for an exemption and to ensure that a copy of the Exemption Certificate is issued to the ship before leaving the berth with the visitors embarked. (If the MCA granted an exemption it would normally be conditional, e. g. on extra lifejackets being placed on board. )



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