In what circumstances would it be appropriate for a master to issue a Letter of Protest?

MCA Oral Exam Questions

(1) When cargo is being loaded too fast or too slowly;

(2) when stevedores are damaging the ship or mishandling ship's equipment;  (3) when the cargo specification is wrong; (4) when there is a discrepancy between the ship's and shore cargo figures; (5) when the berth or fendering arrangements are inadequate; (6) when dock workers are misusing ships' equipment and are ignoring duty officers' advice, or are urinating in cargo spaces;  (7) when passing vessels cause ranging, wash damage, etc. whilst loading/discharging; (8) when it is impossible to disembark passengers due to a quayside obstruction; (9) in any other situation where the master wishes to formally record his dissatisfaction with or disapproval of arrangements over which the other party has some control.


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