How should a new master "sign himself on" on a UK ship where the former master had already left (e. g. to catch his flight home)?

MCA Oral Exam Questions

He should: (1) complete the white spaces on ALC 1(b), noting the Reference (E... )

Number; (2) enter his name and Certificate of Competency number on the front cover of the Official Log Book (OLB); (3) enter his reference number, name and capacity (rank) in the record of seamen employed in the ship inside the front cover of the OLB; (4) check the ship's documents and cash, etc.; (5) make an entry in the narrative section of the OLB to the effect that he has superseded the previous master in his absence and has received all ship's documents in order. (The previous master may have already made an entry "handing over" these to his successor. )



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