A new master is joining a UK ship at an overseas port. The crew of non-UK officers and ratings are to join two days later. What should the master ensure, with respect to crew, when they join?

MCA Oral Exam Questions

(1) That joining crew members have a valid Medical Fitness Certificate issued by a country listed in MSN 1815.

(2) That officers holding a non-UK Certificate of Competency also hold a UK Certificate of Equivalent Competency (CEC), or valid Confirmation of Receipt of Application (CRA) issued by the MCA. (3) That all crew members carry, in original form, their STCW training and competency certificates, properly revalidated and endorsed. (4) That all navigational and engine watch-keeping ratings hold a Watch Rating Certificate. (5) That all crew members are engaged on the Crew Agreement and List of Crew (as described in Section E). (6)That all crew members receive familiarisation training. (7) That meetings are held with senior management personnel to discuss ship's operations (crew, security, machinery, voyage, cargo, etc. ). (8) That a Safety Officer is appointed and the appointment is recorded in the OLB. (9) That all crew members are familiar with relevant parts of the Company's Safety Management System. (10) That the Ship Security Officer is familiar with the Ship Security Plan.


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