What is the master of a ship required to report under Regulation 13 of The Public Health (Ships) Regulations?

MCA Oral Exam Questions

(1) The occurrence on board the ship before arrival of (i) the death for a person otherwise than as a result of an accident,

or (ii) illness where the person who is  ill has or had a temperature of 38°C or greater which was accompanied by a rash, glandular swelling or jaundice, or where such temperature persisted for more than 48 hours, or (iii) illness where the person has or had diarrhoea severe enough to interfere with work or normal activities; (2) the presence on board of a person who is suffering from an infectious disease or tuberculosis or  who has symptoms which may indicate the presence of an infectiuos disease or tuberculosis; (3) any other circumstances on board which are likely to cause the spread of infectious disease or tuberculosis; and (4)  the presence of animals or captive birds, and the occurrence of mortality or sickness amongst such animals or birds.



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