What are the requirements of the Paris MoU New Inspection Regime for giving a 72- hour pre-arrival notification?

MCA Oral Exam Questions

A ship which is eligible for an expanded inspection (see Port State Control in Section I) and bound for a port or anchorage in the Paris MoU region must notify its arrival 72 hours in advance to the port State control authority (or earlier if required by national provisions). 

At least the following information must be submitted: (1) ship identification (mandatory IMO number and additional name, call sign and/or MMSI number); (2) port of destination; (3) ETA; (4) estimated time of departure (ETD); (5) planned duration of the call; (6) for tankers: (a) configuration: single hull, single hull with SBT, double hull; (b) condition of the cargo and ballast tanks: full, empty, inerted; (c) volume and nature of cargo; (7) planned operations at the port or anchorage of destination (loading, unloading, other); (8) planned statutory survey inspections and substantial maintenance and repair work to be carried out whilst in the port of destination; and (9) date of last expanded inspection in the Paris MoU region.



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