What information, listed in Annex B to MSN 1831, must be notified in a "hazmat" notification?

MCA Oral Exam Questions

A: General information: (a) Ship identification (name, call sign, IMO number or MMSI number); 

(b) port of destination; (c) for a ship leaving a port in an EU Member State: ETD from the port of departure or pilot station, as required by port authority or pilot station, and ETA at destination port; (d) for a ship coming from a port outside the EU and bound for a port in an EU Member State: ETA at destination port or pilot station, as required by the competent authority; and (e) total number of persons on board. B: Cargo information: (a) correct technical names of the dangerous or polluting goods, the UN numbers where they exist, the IMO hazard classes in accordance with the IMDG, IBC and IGC Codes and, where appropriate, the class of the ship as defined by the INF Code, the quantities of such goods and their location on board and, if they are being carried in cargo transport units other than tanks, the identification number thereof; (b) confirmation that a list or manifest or appropriate loading plan giving details of the dangerous or polluting goods carried and of their location on the ship is on board; and (c) address from which detailed information on the cargo may be obtained. (MSN 1831, Annex B)